Kaiya and Rayna love their Wilsons raw frozen diet

Our ambassador Morgan, owner of Kaiya and raw fed border collieRayna @kaiyaraynabordercollie, tells us about how the girls are enjoying their Wilsons raw frozen diet and their raw feeding journey so far...

Raw feeding! Where to start!? There’s sooo many benefits, a glossier and softer coat, improved dental health, healthier skin and my favourite - the less frequent, less smelly and smaller stools!

Feeding raw can seem so confusing at the beginning especially as it is a controversial topic within the dog world BUT with the right research it is super easy and Wilson’s raw makes it even more of a breeze with their premade perfectly balanced 500g mixes, wide range of flavours and speedy delivery service.

The most important thing about raw feeding is poo watching! As putrid as this sounds their poo tells you so much about what’s going on! A white and chalky poo means too much bone, black tar like poo can be too much offal! It’s just so easy to tell whether your dog is getting what they need.

border collie pup raw fed

Both my girls have been raw fed since puppies, we were advised to go for a straight swap starting with a breakfast meal! Although we didn’t start with Wilson’s it’s been a firm favourite for over a year now and every bowl is demolished! Kaiya used to be so fussy especially after an injury to her leg which resulted in 6 weeks of strict cage rest, she wasn’t burning ANY energy so why would she want to eat. This is when we tried Wilson’s and haven’t looked back since.

Rayna after being transitioned with tripe, we started her on the Turkey Dinner, she ate it as if she’d never eaten before and every flavour after that was the same! Steak & Kidney is the #1 favourite though. We’ve tried the Premium and Core range but it’s the premium range we stick with, we find the girls just love their veggies! The texture of raw food can impact what a dog will eat or not as well and with Rayna being a puppy and teething she needs chunkier minces to help soothe her gums, Wilsons isn’t sloppy so its perfect.

To end my wee blog, I don’t know where I’d be without Wilsons raw in all honesty. I’m all about supporting local as well and luckily their newest factory is right on my doorstep, it’s a win win.