Traditional Kibble vs Cold Pressed Dog Food

Do you feed your dog dry food? If so you'll probably be familiar with traditional kibble in their range of shapes and sizes, but how much do you know about cold pressed?

If you've been interested in trying cold pressed but want to know a bit more about the difference between that and traditional kibble, below we give you a bit more information...

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed dog food is exactly what is says on the "box" - it's food that is pressed at a low temperature helping to retain all the essential nutrients from the ingredients and making it easier for your dog to digest. 

What does "pressed" mean?

Well, when food is processed it goes through range of difference processes. The pressing element follows once all the ingredients have been mixed together and then goes through a machine which presses it all together.

When cold pressing, the food is pressed together using temperatures of around 50-65 degrees which helps it stay together without losing the quality.

How is the cold press process different from traditional kibble?

Unlike cold pressed food, traditional kibble is processed using much higher temperatures of around 150 degrees and presses the food tightly into shape. This is using a process called "extrusion". 

What are the benefits of cold pressed dog food?

As it is minimally processed, it's much easier to break down in your dog's stomach - a simple test of this is to drop a few pellets into a bowl of water and you can see how quickly it breaks up, unlike traditional kibble which swells and bloats (you'll probably have noticed this when accidently dropping into your dogs water bowl. This is exactly what happens when it goes into your dog's stomach making cold pressed a great option for dogs who are prone to bloating.

Also, by pressing at lower temperatures, we are able to retain more of the nutrients from our ingredients - a good example to liken this to is to imagine cooking your veg at high temperatures for a long period of time compared to simmering for a shorter period. 

Is cold pressed as easy to feed as traditional dry food?

Yes! It's great for dog owners who require quick and convenient feeding. 

Our cold pressed comes in a range of either 2kg or 10kg eco boxes (you can even opt for our refill paper bags) which is easy to store and transport with handles added to the 10kg boxes. Not only that, but our cold pressed dog food is entirely grain-free.

Can I feed cold pressed with raw?

Yes, yes, yes! Unlike traditional kibble, which you shouldn't feed in the same bowl as raw due to the risk of your dog's stomach knotting because of the different rates they break down, cold pressed is great fed alongside raw.

If you’re a raw feeder, cold pressed dog food is a great dry alternative to raw because they break down at the same rate – you can even feed the two together in the same bowl! We also supply a variety of puppy food that has great health benefits such as improved bone, skin and fur growth. View our puppy food page here!