Preparing for a holiday with your dog

If, like us, you can't wait to treat yourselves and your dog to a well-deserved holiday this Summer, you'll probably be wondering how you need to prepare. 

Our resident dog trainer Rosie from Paw Skills Training Academy has pulled together her top tips on preparing for and making the most of your staycation.

Caravan Holidays with your Dog


Dogs often thrive on routine and a sudden change to that can cause anxiety in a dog and even physical issues such as an upset tum. 

Think about the routine you will be having on holiday; have you got a long day planned? Maybe you’ll be having a lie in? 

If you’re going to be getting up later in the morning make sure you offer your dog an extra toilet opportunity before bed so that they’re not uncomfortable in the morning. Don’t expect your dog to just hold on if they’re used to getting up earlier. 

If you’re planning a long day put make sure you take provisions for your dog; if they normally eat their dinner at 5pm and you won’t be back until after 8pm, take their dinner with you. Wilson’s Cold Pressed is perfect for this! Pop it in a Tupperware container and you can take it anywhere! It’s so versatile!


Things like tents can be quite scary for dogs at first, they smell, look and sound different to a house. 

To help your dog get used to them you can do a test run in your garden! That way you can play games in the tent, have a fun sleepover in the tent and make sure they hear sounds such as the air pump for your mattresses before they go away. This way when you go on your holiday your dog won’t feel overwhelmed or worried about where they are. 

Top tip! Barrier fencing (plastic netting and stick in the ground poles) make a great ‘garden’ for your camping area so that your dog can be safe but have freedom.

Dog packing car


Don’t wash your dog’s bedding for a week before you go away, that way it will smell like them and home so when you go away they will have something comforting for their sleeping area. 

Some dogs can be scared of the dark, especially those who live in a town type area and have never experienced countryside darkness and silence. There can be animal noises they may have not have heard before. Make sure when you let your dog out in the dark they are on lead for safety and you have a torch or lamp to give them some security. 

Make sure your dog has its own safe space wherever you’re staying. The excitement of a holiday can take its toll and they may need a snooze in a nice quiet area. 


Planning is key! Things to consider:

  • Make sure you know where the nearest vet is and whether they are open 24hrs or whether they use a different vets. 
  • Have an emergency contact for your dog - someone who can take your dog home and stay with them if they are struggling to cope with the holiday.
  • Make sure you take plenty of water and food out with you - like us dogs use more energy on long days out and need snacks along the way!

Don't forget to pack your box of Wilsons Cold Pressed for easy and convenient feeding on the go >