Stockist Spotlight: Dog Meats Bone

As part of our Stockist Spotlight series, we delve deeper into the pet shops who stock Wilsons to find out all about how they started, why they are passionate about pet products and what they sell.

Jasmine from website and local delivery stockist Dog Meats Bone tells us more about her company.

How Dog Meats Bone started


I launched in February 2021. It started after getting a puppy in 2019.  Being slightly neurotic, I wanted to ensure I did my absolute best to look after my puppy and after speaking to breeders and long time dog owners, they all told me they fed their dogs a raw diet. 

My dog, Enid, was particularly fussy and so I was forced to go through the gamut of different brands, different types of food. I did cooked, wet, dry. I fed her sausages, meatballs, fine mince, chunky mince.  I figured I knew what was out there for someone like me who wanted to feed a complete and balanced diet without having to resort to making my own concoctions. I realised that in my part of Manchester, there really wasn't a lot of option for those who fed raw.  It was either, travel for miles to buy food or buy in bulk which is not ideal if you have a small freezer. 

I wanted to provide a service where people could feel confident they were buying a high quality product with the freedom to select the meals they wanted, in the amounts they wanted. I also wanted to provide owners with same day delivery sort of like Deliveroo for dogs. 

What you can find at Dog Meats Bone

We sell high quality premium food, specialising in raw (but with plans to expand to expand to dry in the future), we do treats and fresh bones too.  At the moment we deal solely with completes such as Wilsons but this will change too when we get bigger! 

Why we stock Wilsons

I went through a raft of brands when deciding who to stock.  Everything in my store is deliberately chosen and not just based on availability. I have high standards and Wilsons meets every one of those.  

Single protein meals which is so helpful for customers when embarking on elimination diets or for dogs with intolerances. Lots of brands mix in a number of proteins which can mean they are not suitable for all dogs. Wilsons caters to every dog.  

High quality produce. The more I learn about the industry, the more I realise that not every brand is just the same ingredients with a different label. High quality ingredients that have been carefully formulated and balanced is so important.  It's one major criticism of some raw diets, they just aren't balanced. Owners don't have to worry about that if they feed Wilsons. You only have to look at the astounding rating of 97% on All About Dog Food to know that you are looking after your dog in one of the best ways that you can. 

Transparency. This is so important to me. I want to know what is in the food I feed Enid. It's not just good enough to say "Meat" or Offal". What meat?  What offal?  Are we talking nutritious meat or am I feeding my dog mostly cheap cuts minced finely so I don't know?  Wilsons take the time to explain exactly in their food so if you wanted to do a bit of research and see why it's beneficial to your pet you can.  You have to have an awful lot of trust to just go off a vague ingredient list. 

Lastly, the compostable packaging.  With so many dogs in the UK consuming tonnes of food each day, packaging is more important that ever.  If you think about the amount of plastic just your dog goes through in its lifetime, the image would be shocking.  Times that by 9 million dogs and it's essential that we do our best to not keep adding to that mountain of landfill.  Being environmentally conscious is where the planet is heading and Wilsons is leading the way with their packaging.  I hope that the rest of the industry follows suit. 

Our favourite Wilsons product

I love the names of Beef Hot Pot, or Chicken Casserole.  These remind me of wholesome dishes, traditionally loved by all the family and now they can be enjoyed by the furry four legged member of the family too. 

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