Stockist Spotlight: TFM Countrystore

As part of our Stockist Spotlight series, we delve deeper into the pet shops who stock Wilsons to find out all about how they started, why they are passionate about pet products and what they sell...

TFM Countrystore

TFM started life as Thorpe Farm Machinery back in the 1970's and over the years it evolved into a retailer, eventually transforming into TFM Countystore as it is known today.

Nikki joined the family business in 2014 and really developed the pet food offering. As a qualified Canine Nutritionist, she brought in a wide range of grain-free foods, devoting a whole aisle to them, as well as a great selection of quality raw dog food.

Nikki’s interest in Canine Nutrition began when her own dog, who was arthritic, significantly improved after a change to a grain-free diet. Over the years, Nikki has helped huge numbers of dogs locally with a wide range of ailments, most often related to gut health and intolerances.

TFM continued to develop and now proudly has two fully qualified canine nutritionists, with another staff member well on her way to qualifying.

They decided to bring Wilsons Pet Food in as they wanted to bring in a cold pressed offering and felt that Wilsons Premium was one of the better cold pressed foods available.

Their favourite from the Wilsons range is the Premium Raw Frozen food which has an excellent complete formulation, with straight animal proteins, flax rather than wheatgerm oil and added vitamins, minerals and botanicals. They particularly like that they have options which don’t contain beef or chicken as they can be common meat allergens.

TFM Countrystore Dogs Bracken and Monty

As well as offering our free canine nutrition consultations, TFM Countrystore have several staff members who are qualified Registered Animal Medicines Advisors and able to prescribe wormer and flea treatments to a range of animals - they also offer harness fitting and have weighing scales. You'll also find their resident office dogs Bracken (left) and Monty (right).

They are conveniently situated just a few minutes from the city of Lincoln and are easily accessible from Newark, being just off the A46. 

So if you live nearby, are visiting locally or even passing through, make sure you pop in to TFM Countrystore to take advantage of their wide range of expert advice, and pick your dog up their favourite Wilsons meal!

Find them at:

Thorpe Rd,