The benefits of vegetables for dogs

Dogs are well known for their carnivore appetiteshowever did you know that not only can vegetables be a delicious addition to their diet, but they can also have an array of huge benefits too?

Vegetables in Wilsons Pet Food

Whether you currently feed your dog meat, or choose an alternative diet, vegetables pay an important role in your dogs meal. Here at Wilsons Pet Food, we ensure that your dog had a complete meal by providing all the nutrients they need by selecting the best ingredients for our cold pressed dog food and our raw frozen dog food.

Here are just some of the benefits of the veg included in our food:

Cranberry promotes good urinary health, this is included both our Lamb Tagine and Farmhouse Turkey & Duck recipes.

Included in both our Highland Venison & Trout and Wild White Fish recipes, Green-Lipped mussels are a great natural anti-inflammatory.

Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, is can also help to produce a thicker and shinier coat, enhanced immunity and energy as well as improved digestion, making Salmon Medley the perfect choice. 

Turmeric further supports the immune system and your dog’s joints, perfect for senior dogs or those with arthritis, found in many of our recipes including Beef Working Dog Cold Pressed.

Sweet Potato is high in vitamin A, helping to support healthy skin, coat, eyes, nerves, and muscles in dogs. Many of our recipes include sweet potato for its dietary benefits, and it's why its the main ingredient of our new Vegan Protein.

Kale, which is included in our Clear Water Salmon and Chicken Casserole recipes, supports both a healthy heart and bones.


Did you know we also create a vegetable-only cold pressed meal for dogs? 

Vegan Dog Food

There is scientific evidence to show that dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet and are omnivores, at Wilsons, we’re all about offering choice for everyone, which is why we created our Vegan Protein Cold Pressed Dog Food

Plant-based sources provide protein in the same way as meat. The protein sources in our vegan recipe are highly digestible as well as containing the essential amino acids dogs need to thrive.

Our Vegan Protein gives your dogs everything they need for a healthy diet, and you can choose to feed it alone, mix it up with our other flavours for a change, or you can even add to our DIY 80/10/10 Core Raw Frozen Dog Food.

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