The taste of Easter

With Spring just around the corner, it's time to start making plans for your dog's Easter meal.

As a staple for many households over the Easter weekend, Lamb is a delicious meal for your dog too, but did you know that it's also really beneficial for them.

Lamb a great source of protein for your dog, which is essential in every dog's daily diet. Not only does it help aid their body for building and repairing body muscles and other tissues, it is also important for helping to form new skin cells, grow hair, helps the immune system and it assists in providing energy to keep your dog.

It's also a great source of fat in your dogs diet, which helps to keep your dogs coat healthy and provides your dogs with the energy they need throughout the day.

At Wilsons, we have Lamb meals to suit every type of feeder. 



Delicious Grass Fed Lamb
Cold Pressed Complete Dry Dog Food


Our Grass Fed Lamb Cold Pressed Dog Food is a great option for those who feed dry or kibbled food to their dogs, and are looking for a fuss-free dinner.

As cold pressed is pressed at much lower temperatures then traditional kibble, each pellet of food is more nutritionally dense and digests gently in the dogs stomach, preventing bloating before embarking on your Easter walk.

Our lamb is mixed with a delicious blend of sweet potato (high in Vitamin A), turmeric (for immune and joint support) and cranberry (to promote urinary health) and includes everything your dog needs for a complete meal.

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Lamb Tagine with Lush Labs
Raw Frozen Premium Lamb Tagine


For raw feeders who are busy or perhaps new to raw and prefer a tray-to-bowl meal for their dogs, our Lamb Tagine is the perfect option this Easter.

With a 70/10/10/10 mix of meat, bone, offal and vegetables including carrot, broccoli, apples and kale, you can simply defrost and portion off the right amount for your dog without needing to worry about adding anything else to their bowl. 

Just like your meals, vegetables are an important part to a dogs' diet and we make sure they count in our Lamb Tagine. Apples especially are a great source of fibre and vitamin C, and Kale supports a healthy heart and bones.

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Ralph with Lamb Core Raw
Raw Frozen Core Lamb


For more experienced raw feeders or those who have dogs with partiular diets and allergies who require more control over their food, our Core Lamb Raw Frozen could be the option for them. 

With an 80/10/10 mix of meat, bone and offal, all as a single source protein, you can add in your own mix of vegetables and nutrients. It gives you peace of mind in being able to prepare your dog's meal which is as individual as they are. 

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