The Wilsons Difference

With so many different options on the market for feeding your dog, it can be confusing knowing what to try next. We believe that the more natural the better, which is why we offer a range of cold pressed and raw frozen dog food.

If you've been considering making the switch, take a read of why you should try Wilsons Pet Food. You're one step away from a happier, healthier dog!

160 years by your side

Wilsons have been producing pet food for over 160 years, starting life in Dundee in 1861 where our founder began as a feed merchant, supplying local farms with animal feed.

Over the years, our business has grown and we now have two Scottish based, purpose-built factories, feeding working and pet dogs across the UK. 

Natural is best

We believe it's important to give dogs a healthy diet and this is why all our recipes are 100% natural, using only the best ingredients with the majority sourced as locally as possible. 

Reducing our environmental impact

We know we can all play our part to protect the Earth, so we've been on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use for our products.

All our Wilsons Pet Food products are now packaged in either paper bags, cardboard boxes or compostable trays. We're proud that whether you choose to feed cold pressed or raw frozen, your packaging can either be easily recycled, is biodegradable or compostable. 

Minimal processing

The more processing that goes into the food, the more degraded you'll find the ingredients become. We chose two types of food which not only compliment each other, but are as minimally processed as they come. 

Cold pressed dog food is a dry, complete meal which can be stored in the cupboard for months on end. Although it's very much like the traditional kibble you may have been used to, the main difference is that it's pressed using much lower temperatures (around 100 degrees less).

This process benefits your dog in many ways; without the use of high heat, the nutrients from ingredients aren't cooked away so your dog receives all the benefits, and as it's not pressed at high pressures it helps the food break down much quicker in your dogs stomach, helping to aid better digestion. 

As well as our premium cold pressed range which is the perfect choice for all pet dogs, we also produce a range of working dog food. This range contains a higher protein content which is great if you have a dog who needs to stay active for long periods of time, whether they are working or competing.

Raw frozen dog food meanwhile requires absolutely no processing at all. Using human-grade, locally sourced meat, our food is minced together into a burger type mixture and kept frozen until it reaches your freezer.

Food for every taste

Each dog has different tastes, just like us humans, which is why we wanted to offer a wide range of food and flavours.

Our premium cold pressed dog food has a variety of 6 different flavours, with options of grain free, single sourced and without any chicken oil/protein for those who have allergies. 

We have two ranges of raw frozen for all types of raw feeders. Our premium raw frozen dog food range is a complete meal of 70|10|10|10 meat, bone, offal and vegetables (great for those who are new to raw feeding or looking for the convenience of a complete meal). We also offer a core raw frozen dog food range is a complementary 80|10|10 mix of meat, bone and offal - perfect for DIY feeders who enjoy adding their own vegetables and supplements. 

Easy to find

Our food is stocked in pet shops and businesses across the UK, with the option to order directly from us online. 

If you'd like to find your local stockist, simply pop your home town into our stockist map and we'll locate your closest store.

Our website gives you the option to make individual orders, or you can opt to use our subscription service, ensuring your food is always delivered before running out.

We deliver our food across mainland UK, with some restrictions. Find out more with our delivery guide

Try before you buy

If you're thinking of making the switch, but not sure you want to commit to an entire box until you're sure your dog likes it, then why not order a sample?

You can purchase a box of cold pressed samples (simply choose from working dog or premium) or a trial box of our raw frozen (with the choice of either core or premium).

Make sure to carefully read our raw frozen feeding guide or cold pressed feeding guide to ensure you're giving your dog the correct quantity of food per day. 

If you have any queries at all on our food, please feel free to contact us on and we'll be happy to assist!