Wilsons reduce their use of plastic packaging with BioPak

Wilsons Pet Food saved plastic with BioPak

In 2020, in a bid to reduce our use of plastic packaging, we made changes to the packaging of our raw frozen dog food by using a compostable tray from BioPak rather than the plastic equivalent.

Wilsons Pet Food supported tree planting with BioPak

We are thrilled to be placing such emphasis on reducing our use of plastic to help to combat wider environmental issues, especially when it comes to our raw frozen dog food. We were one of the first major Pet Food suppliers to move to completely recyclable and compostable packaging for raw dog food. 

Wilsons Pet Food carbon BioPak

We craft Premium, quality ranges that are truly good for dogs and now, with a more positive impact on the environment. By switching to compostable packaging, we have now offset 139kg of carbon, which helps to reduce carbon emissions, mitigating climate change. By working alongside BioPak and their other customers, we have helped plant 27,584 trees with Rainforest Rescue & Greenfleet.  

Both our raw frozen ranges are available in our eco-friendly packaging, the trays used are compostable whilst the cardboard sleeve is widely recyclable. Shop the ranges now - Premium raw frozen & Core raw frozen.