Your dog’s Christmas Dinner sorted

The heart of every Christmas day is the dinner, so why not make your dog'sChristmas Dinner raw dog foodmeal just as special? We have crafted a range of limited edition festive feasts that will be perfect for your dog on the big day.

A festive treat with all the trimmings

Our limited edition Yuletide flavour is available in both cold pressed and raw frozen. Christmas Dinner offers a complete meal for dogs, blended with turkey, vegetables and cranberries.

Christmas Dinner raw frozen dog food

Our Christmas Dinner nutritionally complete raw frozen dog food contains a 70|10|10|10 mix of meat, bone, offal with added vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog is provided with a well rounded meal. The recipe is made using single source protein and is free from grain.

Our 500g tray of raw turkey already includes all of the trimmings, such as fresh carrot, broccoli and cranberry taking the faff out of your dog’s dinner when you’re cooking for the rest of the family. Raw frozen food has great benefits including helping to improve your dog’s fur, skin, digestion, and all-round health.

Benefits of cold pressed dog food

Christmas Dinner cold pressed dog food

The single sourced protein turkey-based recipe, which is gently pressed with apple, kale and cranberry, is available in our 2kg eco packs, the perfect size for easy storage when travelling or away from home this Christmas.

Cold pressed dog food hosts a whole range of benefits for your dog. The lower temperatures used in the cooking process allow cold pressed recipes to include a wider range of ingredients including fragile herbs and spices which bring significant health benefits without being destroyed in the traditional kibble extrusion process.

Get your order in for Christmas and get cosy.