Benefits of Salmon Oil

Berner Bears with Salmon Oil

Thinking about purchasing a bottle of our Salmon Oil? Find out how it could enhance your dog's meal and wellbeing.

What is Salmon Oil?

Put quite simply, Salmon Oil is oil that derives from Salmon fish and is made from it's healthy fats, it's Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Benefits of Salmon Oil

Omega 3, 6 & 9 are powerful ingredients that can benefit your dog's body in a number of different ways.

You'll see a number of benefits for your dog, helping to aid:

Heart health
Joint Care
Immune Response
Brain Health

Not only that, but thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, many customers who feed Salmon Oil report seeing a healthier, glossy coat, and helping to reduce dry or itchy skin.

Why choose Wilsons Pet Food Salmon Oil

Wilsons Pet Food's Scottish Salmon Oil is crafted from ethically and sustainably sourced Salmon farmed in the fresh waters and sea lochs of Scotland. It is naturally rich in essential omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, and microfiltered for purity.

Depending on your budget, space or number of dogs, we have two different sizes you can opt for; 500ml and 1,000ml.

It's easy to add to your dog's usual meal and that's helped by our easy action pump.

Easy Action Pump

We want to make feeding your dog as easy and fuss-free as possible, that's why we have included an easy action pump to our Salmon Oil. 

It's easy to add a pump to your dogs meal, and our Salmon Oil feeding guide is easy to follow basing each pump to the right portion for feeding to your dog.

How do you feed Salmon Oil?

It's easy! Simply add a pump or two depending on the size of your dog (see our feeding guide for more details), then it's ready to go!

Our Salmon Oil can be added onto any type of food, and goes perfectly with either our Raw Frozen or Cold Pressed dog food

Don't forget, we already have Salmon Oil in our Clear Water Salmon cold pressed dog food, and our Salmon Medley raw frozen dog food, so you don't need to add anymore into these meals. Both these meals are great if you are travelling or have limited cupboard space but still want to ensure your dog is getting Salmon Oil

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