The pets behind Wilsons Pet Food

Wilsons Pet Food is a company dedicated to providing the best natural ingredients and nutrition using minimal processing, and it's driven by a team who are passionate about pets. 

To celebrate National Pet Month, we find out more about the Wilsons team and the pets who inspire them to provide customers with the best possible food. 


Lando of Wilsons Pet Food

Owned by Head of Sales, Roland

This is Lando, a 2 year old rescued German Shepherd. He first came to me as a foster dog, but after just two short days he made the decision that he was going to stay! Poor Lando had a tough start in life and gaining his trust and love has been incredibly rewarding.

Lando has a lot of food allergies and the Wilsons Cold Pressed Wild White Fish has been ideal for him. Being a dog owner and understanding first hand the importance of a good diet helps me connect with customers.

Despite looking part-wolf, Lando is a very sweet, affectionate and sensitive dog. Although he weighs in at almost 45kgs, he loves a cuddle in the morning. He also loves a bubble bath and is happiest drying in a dressing gown on the sofa, with a teddy in his mouth.

Lando has best social life of anyone I know – from day care and swimming lessons in the week, to group dog walks at the weekend. He’s a friend to everyone.


Paddy and Maisie Wilsons Dogs

Paddy & Maisie
Owned by Marketing Manager, Nicola

Paddy, a Staffy X Lab, first came to me and my partner as a foster dog 10 years ago, needless to say we fell in love with him and he's been with us ever since. Maisie, a Springer X Cocker Spaniel, joined our family a year later as a puppy and we regularly enjoy going on adventures across the UK together. 

Whether it's camping, climbing mountains, agility or hiking, and more recently as our family has extended by two babies, seeing my little girls also fall in love with dogs has been a blessing.It's such a privilege watching my girls grow up learning how to be kind and gentle around animals, something that truly shows when my eldest is polite and calm around new dogs we meet on walks. 

With our active lifestyle, it's important to us that our dogs are fed the best food we can find. Currently we feed a mix of raw frozen and cold pressed, and Wilsons helps to keep them strong and healthy. Paddy especially struggles with a sensitive tummy but Wilsons has always been gentle on his stomach which is a huge positive. 

They have always enjoyed being taste testers for Wilsons and their new recipes, and they have certainly been super excited about our new range of treats. Their favourite has to be the Premium Baltic Sprats, even the rustle of the packaging gets their attention from the other room!


Tilly Golden Puppy

Soon-to-be owned by Marketing Executive, Holly

Holly, our Marketing Executive, has recently found out she will be receiving a puppy from a golden retriever litter down in North Wales. The puppies are currently only a week old but absolutely gorgeous and Holly and her partner can’t wait to get down to visit!

Working at Wilsons for over 2 and a half years has most definitely shaped me as a dog owner-to-be. I have learned so much about nutrition, digestion, and the general importance of a healthy diet from 8-week-old puppies right through to elderly dogs.

Recently I found out we will be receiving a puppy from a golden retriever litter down in North Wales. The puppies are currently only a week old but absolutely gorgeous and me and my partner can’t wait to get down to visit! 

We can’t wait to bring Tilly home (she already has a name!) and get her switched over to Wilsons. I am planning on feeding her Clear Water Salmon cold pressed and Wild White Fish cold pressed as her complete meals, plus Insect Protein and Highland Venison & Trout as training treats as an introduction to alternative proteins. Cold pressed is so versatile and great for puppies, especially the salmon and white fish-based recipes which have great calcium to phosphorus levels for joint support and bone growth. Essential for a growing Golden!


Aloy Office DogAloy
Owned by Customer Services rep Tasha

My husband, daughter and I brought Aloy home a year ago and she has grown up on Wild White Fish cold pressed and Clear Water Salmon cold pressed dog food with other flavours as treats, and looks fantastic! Her lovely shiny coat is always commented on!

When I heard that Wilsons were looking for people, I was really interested because their passion for dogs and feeding the highest quality food were the same. I really love seeing and hearing about the difference that our products make to our customer's dogs!

Working at Wilsons has been amazing so far, and I'm learning so much everyday!

I am also very lucky to have been able to bring Aloy to work with me since we brought her home as a puppy, and she often gets raw for lunch at work and lots of treats! Her favourites I think are the Lamb Tagine raw frozen and the Sprats (but she wouldn't say no to any of them, so it's kind of hard to tell!).

With plenty of energy and just as many cuddles, she keeps us going as a family and is very much part of everything that we do. She loves water and especially having a shower and bath and we usually have to bribe her out of the bath once finished and has been known to jump back in. She's usually the first into the sea or a river or even a puddle! As a friend said, Aloy and her best friend could sniff out water in a desert!


Luna Wilsons Pet FoodLuna
Owned by Accounts and Payroll Manager, Teresa


We have always rescued mastiffs, and Luna is our 8th. She is a beautiful Bordeaux Neapolitan cross, but she is actually the smallest we have owned at only 45kg!!

Luna is 5 now and we have had her for just over a year now. She loves her toys, the louder the better, but if you are soft or stuffed you don't stand a chance!!

Our dogs are our life and I truly believe in the Wilsons products. We have traditionally fed raw, although Luna will not eat it, however being on the cold pressed (which breaks down at the same rate as raw) she has a gorgeous shiny coat and is very healthy. I find I am always able to assist customers with feeding problems, having experienced many of the same issues myself.