What is Insect Dog Food?

Although still relatively new to the pet food market, Insect protein is an exciting and great alternative to traditional dog food meat.

Insect Protein Dog Food

Our dog's nutrition is one of the most important considerations for any pet owner, but for many people, the impact we have on the environment is also becoming increasingly important. 

We began to develop our new eco-conscious range after customer demand, and our new Insect and Vegan Protein products continue our ethos to be 100% natural and healthy.

What is Insect Protein cold pressed?

As with all our premium cold pressed, our Insect Protein is a dry, complete dog food which is pressed at much lower temperatures than traditional kibble, helping to retain essential nutrients and to help aid digestion. 

It can be fed straight from box to bowl for complete ease, and can even be mixed with raw frozen dog food because they both break down at the same rate.

Is it bulked out with other meat? 

Definitely not. Like the rest of our range, what you see is what you get so you won't find any other meat in this product. It's complete and nutritionally balanced.

Will my dog be getting enough protein?

Absolutely they will, insects actually contain more protein than chicken or beef!

Is it actually better for the planet?

The insects we use in our dog food are sustainably sourced and also use far fewer of the planet’s resources, including using 20% less water than beef.

Cold Pressed Dog Food

The process of cold pressing food itself uses minimal energy and all our products are packed in sustainable recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging. You can even save 5% by choosing to reorder your food in our paper refill packs.

Will I see bugs in the food?

Nope! Switching to insect based food is suitable even for the most squeamish pet owner. It looks exactly the same as our other cold pressed pellets so you won't see any of the black soldier fly.

Is insect food good for dogs?

We get it. Insect based dog food is a bit of a change from standard dog food flavours. That’s why we’ve created our recipe to be fed alone or alongside your standard proteins.

We’re all about offering choice and lightening our environmental impact one bowl at a time. Insects are a great source of animal protein and is highly digestible. Not only that, but they are hypoallergenic and low in purines, so perfect for dogs with sensitivities.

Why not give our Insect Protein cold pressed dog food a try, we're sure you're dog will absolutely love it! 

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