Which raw is best for your dog?

If you're looking at feeding Wilsons' Raw Frozen Dog Food, but aren't sure which

is best for your dog, we explain more about our different ranges.

Complete or DIY?

Our raw frozen dog food is made from locally sourced ingredients and human-grade meat, but to give our customers the variety they need we've split our raw into two ranges; Premium and Core.

What is Premium Raw Frozen?

Our range of Premium Raw Frozen Dog Food is a complete range of dog food which has everything your dog needs in one tray!

It's a 70|10|10|10 mix of meat (70%), bone (10%), offal (10%) and veg (10%). Each flavour has a different mix of veg to compliment the recipe and to help provide your dog with all the essential  nutrients.

Because this range has everything you need, it's a simple and easy way of feeding raw - perfect for those who are new to the world of raw feeding or for people looking for convenience.

What is Core Raw Frozen?

This range is slightly different because we don't include any veg in our Core range.

With an 80|10|10 mix of meat (80%), bone (10%) and offal (10%), it's perfect for experienced raw feeders or those looking for the flexibility to add their own additional incredients and supplements to their dogs food. 

We have a range of Wilsons ambassadors who feed the core range, if you're looking for inspiration on what to have, why not take a look at how they feed raw; 

Ralph & Lyra @_coupleofcockers 

Dougal @dougal.out.west

Bailey @bailey.the.scottish.spaniel 

Finn @tails_on_the_trails 

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