Why choose Insect and Vegan Dog Food?

Created following customer demand, our new Insect Protein and Vegan Protein Dog Food has been extremely popular since launching last year.

However, if these new varieties aren't something you'd considered ordering for your dog before, find out why it's worth opting for our new recipes on your next order...


Insect Protein and Vegan Protein Dog Food

Using less of the Earth's resources

It's well known that producing animals for food takes up a lot of the Earth's resources, and by switching or simply adding vegan and vegetarian meals to your weekly menu, you can help reduce your environmental impact, and it's the same for our dogs.

Meat-free dog food uses up to 85% less CO2 than beef, making it lighter on the Earth's resources. Our plant-based sources provide protein in the same way as meat and are highly digestible, as well as containing the essential amino acids dogs need to thrive.

Insects are sustainably sourced and use far fewer of the planet’s resources, while generating around 97% less greenhouse gasses. Not only that, but they also only use 47% of land and 20% less water when compared to beef.


Reduce your dog's eco pawprint

Did you know, your dog has TWICE the eco footprint of a 4x4 car and driving it 10,000km each year. By opting for our Insect Protein or Vegan Protein dog food, you can help reduce their impact without compromising on the quality and nutrition of your dog's meal.

At Wilsons, we're all about offering choice and lightening our environmental impact one bowl at a time, so whether you're looking to switch or alternate meals, there's an option for everyone.

Alternative protein dog food


Meat alternatives

If you're looking for an alternative to meat for your dog, our Insect Protein is a great option for you. Not only is it a complete food ready to go, but insects (such as the black soldier fly in our insect-based dog food) actually contain more protein than chicken or beef!

Switching to insect based dog food is suitable even for the most squeamish pet owner. It looks exactly the same as our other cold pressed pellets.

Plant-based dog food provides protein in the same way as meat. The protein sources in our vegan recipe are highly digestible as well as containing the essential amino acids dogs need to thrive.


Great for dogs with allergens

Our vegan dog food contains a highly nutritious blend of vegetables, fruit, pulses and herbs to craft a balanced plant protein recipe free from meat allergens, great if your dogs has issues or intolerances to traditional meat such as pork or chicken. 

If you struggle finding a food that suits your dog, our insect dog food is also hypoallergenic and are low in purines, making it perfect for dogs with sensitivities.

For dogs who require a grain-free diet, our vegan dog food is wheat free (only containing brown rice which tends to be less of an allergen), and our insect dog food is completely free of all grains. 


Planet Positive Dog Food

Gentle from the start

The process of cold pressing dog food uses minimal energy by gently pressing our ingredients at lower temperatures. Not only is this great for our planet, but it's great for dogs by helping to retain essential nutrients and reducing bloating. 

Our cold pressed comes in 2kg and 10kg boxes with the option to simply replace the inner paper bag with our refill bag when it comes to reordering.

Every single one of our products is always, proudly made in Britain, and with our planet in mind, every pack is either compostable, recyclable or biodegradable.