A festive turkey feast with all the trimmings

There’s no need to spend your time worrying about your dog’s Christmas mealDog with raw frozen foodwhilst the kids are opening their gifts, your parents are knocking on the front door and the mince pies have already been in the oven a little too long. We have crafted our raw frozen Christmas Dinner to ensure there really is no fuss surrounding your dog’s lunch on the big day. 

What are the benefits of complete raw dog food?

As a nutritionally complete food, our raw Yuletide feast is crafted with 70% turkey, 10% bone, 10% offal and 10% vegetables to ensure your dog is provided with a well-rounded meal and remains both happy and healthy. Our 500g tray of raw turkey already includes all of the trimmings, such as fresh carrot, broccoli and cranberry taking the faff out of your dog’s dinner when you’re cooking for the rest of the family. Plus, the 70|10|10|10 recipe contains a variety of vitamins and minerals including chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health.

This meal is perfect for an extra special treat, with minimal fuss - simply take it out of the freezer the day before to ensure it's defrosted in time for your dog’s dinner. As it's nutritionally complete, it's ready to dish up and serve, no need to add anything to it.

This recipe truly is a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings in a bowl. Whether you’re traditionally a raw feeder or not, get your four-legged friends involved in the festivities by adding their complete raw Christmas Dinner to your order.

Your dog’s Christmas Dinner sorted

Raw frozen dog food

If your dog is already fed raw, you can simply add 2 trays of our limited edition Christmas Dinner turkey recipe to your box when ordering, or buy an entire box to continue the festive cheer throughout December.

For cold pressed feeders, raw is a fantastic switch for those special days when you want to truly treat your dog. Unlike most raw and dry food, Wilsons’ raw and cold pressed meals can be fed alongside each other, or even interchangeably without causing any digestive issues. This means our raw Christmas Dinner is suitable for almost all dogs of all ages irrelevant what they are normally fed.

Treat your dog to a proper feast this year.