Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

When you’re a pet owner, it can be difficult to find the perfect meal for your dog. In the past couple of years, cold pressed dog food has garnered attention because of the health benefits that it offers our pets. In this blog, we’ll explain how cold pressed retains nutrients, aids digestion, improves overall health and more!

If you’re thinking of making the switch to cold pressed dog food but you’re left wondering what the benefits of cold pressed dog food are, then this guide from Wilsons is for you.

Cold pressed dog food


What sets cold pressed dog food apart from the rest is that it is processed at a much lower temperature using minimal processing.

Whilst traditional dog food processing methods use high temperatures that can reduce the nutritional value of the ingredients, the cold pressed manufacturing process is effective because it helps to preserve these nutrients. Read more about how cold pressed dog food is made.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cold pressed dog food;

1. A form of dry dog food
2. Retains nutrients
3. Perfect with Raw Dog Food
4. Aids digestion
5. Perfect for treating and training
6. Convenience
7. Improved all-round health
8. Available in a range of flavours
9. Grain-Free Options

Cold Pressed Dog Food is dry and easy to store

🐾 Cold pressed is a dry dog food, it's great for dog owners who require quick and convenient feeding.

Dry dog food diets are much easier to portion than other alternatives too and won’t go off if you leave it out all day.

Our food has a 12 month shelve life and comes in 2kg or 10kg sizes, making it perfect to store.

If you’re looking for dog food that is easy to serve, then you shouldn’t look past cold pressed dog food!

Retains nutrients 

🥣 A complete meal directly from box to bowl, your dog receives all the essential nutrients from our quality ingredients due to the cold pressing process.

The cold pressed dog food manufacturing process is unique because it allows the natural nutrients to be preserved.

When it comes to feeding your dog, you want to confident that they are eating something that offers fantastic health benefits. Your dog will receive all the essential nutrients from our quality ingredients due to the cold pressing process. Take a look at our blog ‘Feeding Cold Pressed Dog Food’ to find out more!

Suitable with Raw Dog Food

🥩 If you’re a raw feeder, cold pressed dog food is a great dry alternative to raw because they break down at the same rate – you can even feed the two together in the same bowl!

It's also a great option when travelling and feeding raw is more difficult, plus it's perfect to have stocked in the cupboard for those days you forget to take raw out of the freezer!

Helps to Aid Digestion

🐶 As it is minimally processed, it's much easier to break down in your dog's stomach. The gentle pressing method helps to aid digestion, which can reduce bloating and result in healthier poos.

Discover more of the health benefits of cold pressed dog food!

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Perfect for treating on walks

🌳 Cold pressed dog food comes in pellet-shapes, making it easy for you to carry round on your walks. This allows you to provide your dog with a nutritious snack or meal while on the go, ensuring they have the energy they need! You can read more about feeding cold pressed as a training treat here.

Convenient for Travelling

🚐 Another benefit of cold pressed dog food is that it is easy to transport around.

Considering that cold pressed food packs contains more nutrition in each pellet compared to traditional kibble, this means that you need to feed around 30% less of what you usually would.

This means you don’t need to pack as much food when you go away for your travels!

Convenient for travelling, Wilsons’ cold pressed dog food packaging is compact and sturdy (thank you eco box!), and comes in a smaller 2kg size for easy packing.

Improved Coat, Skin and All-Round Health

🐓 One of the key benefits reported by users of cold-pressed feeders is an improvement in the condition of their pets' coats and skin.

This improvement can manifest as shinier coats, reduced shedding, and healthier skin, which may be attributed to the preservation of essential nutrients in the food

Cold pressed feeders report an improvement in coat, skin and all-round health. 

A Variety of Flavours

🐛When it comes to cold pressed dog food flavours, you’re certainly spoilt for choice.

Whether your dog prefers chicken over lamb or pork over lamb, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a food choice that doesn’t suit your dog down to the ground. At Wilsons, we have over 9 flavours as part of our cold pressed dog food range.

With a range spanning 9 different flavours, there’s something at Wilsons to suit even the fussiest of dogs

Grain-Free Options

🌾Grain free cold pressed dog food is also starting to become increasingly popular because of the health benefits it offers dogs with allergies.

Not only is grain free dog food known to improve digestion, but it can also enhance energy levels and encourage healthier skin!

At Wilsons, we’re proud to stock grain free cold pressed dog food that contains single source protein. 


Wilsons cold pressed sample box

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