Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food

Thinking about switching to cold pressed dog food? Find out how this minimally processed dog food can support a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Cold pressed dog food


🐾 Cold pressed is a dry dog food, it's great for dog owners who require quick and convenient feeding

🥣 A complete meal directly from box to bowl, your dog receives all the essential nutrients from our quality ingredients due to the cold pressing process

🥩 If you’re a raw feeder, cold pressed dog food is a great dry alternative to raw because they break down at the same rate – you can even feed the two together in the same bowl!

As it is minimally processed, it's much easier to break down in your dog's stomach. The gentle pressing method helps to aid digestion, which can reduce bloating and result in healthier poos.

🐶 Mix with water to make a paste for Kongs and Lickimats

🌳 Perfect for treating on walks

🚐 Convenient for travelling, it's compact and sturdy (thank you eco box!), and comes in a smaller 2kg size for easy packing

🐓 Cold pressed feeders report an improvement in coat, skin and all-round health

🐛 With a range spanning 9 different flavours, there’s something at Wilsons to suit even the fussiest of dogs

🌾 Single source protein and grain free options available


Wilsons cold pressed sample box

We know how expensive it can be trying to find the right food for your dog, but with our sample packs, now you can find their forever food for less! 

Order your sample box today and take the first step to a healthier, happier dog: Cold Pressed Dog Food Sample Box

Our food isn't just suitable for senior dogs, but it's also a great addition to your puppies diet too! Discover how our high protein puppy food options can benefit your four-legged friends today.