Feeding cold pressed dog food

Cold pressed dog food is a complete, fuss-free meal which is perfect for families on the go or for convenient feeding.

It can be as simple as feeding straight from bag to bowl, but there's also a lot of ways you can keep things interesting for your dogs.

Cold Pressed Lamb

Calculate how much your dog needs

First things first, you'll need to calculate how much cold pressed dog food your dog needs.

Make sure you check out our Cold Pressed Feeding Guide, find your dog's optimum weight (especially important if your vet has advised you that your dog may need to increase or decrease to their ideal weight), choose how active your dog is per day (1 hour or less, 1-2 hours, or more than 2 hours a day), and this will give you your dog's recommended daily allowance. 

Depending on how many meals your dogs have a day (whether it's 2 or 3 meals) split this daily allowance between the number of meals and you're good to go!

We always recommend measuring out your dogs food for every meal to ensure they are getting the right amount each day.

Cold pressed as a complete meal

Our cold pressed dog food provides your dog with a complete and well-balanced meal which is packed full of the best ingredients, including protein, vegetables and supporting herbs.

Once you've followed our directions on calculating your dogs ideal weight of food, simply open the pack, scoop out enough for their meal, measure and pop it on the floor for your pup (who by now is probably drooling with anticipation!)

Cold Pressed and Raw

Feeding with or as an alternative to raw

As well as being perfect as a stand alone meal, our cold pressed is the perfect accompaniment to a raw diet

If you're looking to feed in the same bowl, simply work out the amount your dog requires daily of each cold pressed and raw frozen dog food, then ratio the amount you'd like to feed of each. Whether it's 50:50, 25:75, the decision is yours!

If you're already a raw feeder, cold pressed is a great dry alternative for travelling and even as a back up for those times you've forgotten to put the raw in the fridge over night! 

Unlike traditional kibble which you should never feed alongside raw due to the fact they break down at different rates, risking your dog's stomach knotting, as cold pressed is pressed using lower temperatures, it breaks down at the same rate as raw which means you can even feed the two together in the same bowl, or feed at alternate mealtimes! Plenty of options and variety.

Adding water

As you know, cold pressed is easily fed as it comes, however for some dogs who maybe are senior with teeth issues, for puppies weaning, or even for fussy pups who need things spicing up, you can also choose to add water to the meal.

Our cold pressed is gently pressed at low temperatures making it easy for your dog to chew and digest. By simply adding a bit of warm water to your cold pressed, leaving it for a few minutes and give it a stir. It breaks down quickly (as it would in your dog’s stomach) and creates a nice paste. You could even add the paste into your dogs normal cold pressed meal as a gravy!

For boredom busters

Our food comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to break in half which makes it perfect for keeping your dog entertained by filling a Kong or popping some treats into a puzzle toy.

By using our water trick above, you can even use the paste spreading it onto a Licki Mat!

Cold Pressed for Training

Training with cold pressed

Cold Pressed is a great option for using as treats. Its bite-size shape and delicious smell helps keep your dog's attention when it comes to training your dog or for  using on walks.

It is quick for dogs to digest when out and about, and can break up easily in your hand if you’re looking to give small rewards.

Scatter games

Looking to make meal times more interesting, or simply want to make a game for your dog? As a dry food, it’s easy to scatter cold pressed on the floor, in the grass or even to hide around the room to give your dog the chance to use their brain - perfect for days where you’re stuck in the house or if rain is dampening your walks.

Thinking of giving it a try?

Our cold pressed dog food is perfect for dogs of all sizes and lifestages, and with a variety of flavours to try, there's something for even the fussiest of dogs. If you're looking for cold pressed puppy food, then Wilsons are the team for you.

Our Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food Range is perfect for all types of dogs, no matter their age, size, weight or lifestyle. With 7 different flavours including Succulent Chicken, Clear Water Salmon, Grass Fed Lamb, Farmhouse Turkey & Duck, Wild White Fish, Highland Venison & Trout and our nod to our Scottish roots Hunting Haggis

If you're dog has a higher than average activity level or is a working or active dog, you might want to give our Cold Pressed Working Dog Food a try. Available in 15kg full sized bags, you'll receive 2 of each of our three flavours in our sample box, including Beef, Chicken and Pork.

We also offer an alternative protein option for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact or for dogs who have allergies to the traditional meat proteins. You'll get 3 samples of each of our Insect Protein Cold Pressed Dog Food and our Vegan Protein Cold Pressed Dog Food

Our sample packs are a great way to try our food before committing to a full box.  Order your Cold Pressed Dog Food Sample Box today >