Find your dog's forever food with our sample packs

Are you sick of switching? Stick with us! Our sample packs are a great way to try our food before committing to a full box. 

Cold Pressed Samples

When you have a fussy dog, or one who struggles with allergies, trying to find the right food for them can become expensive. You're not alone if you've bought a multitude of bags from different pet food companies only for your dog to turn their nose up at them, leaving you with yet another wasted bag. 

At Wilsons Pet Food, we believe our sample and trial boxes are one of the most important part of our offering. 

It gives your dog the chance to try our food and the different flavours, giving you the confidence that you've found your dog's forever food before ordering a full size box or bag.

What's in our sample packs?

In our Raw Frozen Dog Food Trial Box, you'll receive 6x 500g of our Raw Frozen Dog Food with a mix of flavours from either our Core 80|10|10 range or our Premium 70|10|10|10 range. 

In our Cold Pressed Dog Food Sample Box, you'll receive 6x 100g sample bags of our Cold Pressed Dog Food with a mix of flavours in the range you choose, either Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food (you'll also get an extra 100g of our Hunting Haggis dog food), Cold Pressed Working Dog Food or our Alternative Protein Cold Pressed Food. 

Our sample and trial boxes contain a combination of flavours from the range you've selected, there's so much choice to satisfy even the fussiest of dogs!

Raw Frozen Dog Food

Which Raw Frozen Dog Food Trial Box should I choose?

If you're new to Raw Frozen Dog Food, or if you're looking for something that's easy to feed and fuss-free, our Premium 70|10|10|10 range will be the one for you. As a complete meal, you won't need to add anything to our premium range, we've included everything they need for a well-balanced meal with a 70|10|10|10 mix of meat, bone, offal and vegetables & minerals.

You'll receive a mix of all the flavours in this range including Steak & Kidneys, Salmon Medley, Chicken Casserole, Lamb Tagine, Beef Hot Pot and Turkey Dinner

If you're an experienced raw feeder, or you need to tailor your dog's meal due to an allergy and are looking for more of a DIY approach to feeding, you'll want to give our Core 80|10|10 range a try. With an 80|10|10 mix of meat, bone and offal, you're free to add your own supplements and minerals to make it a complete meal. 

In this pack you'll receive a mix of flavours including Beef, ChickenTurkey and Beef

Cold Pressed Food Floor

Which Cold Pressed Dog Food Sample Box should I choose?

We have a range of cold pressed options for you to try, based on their level of activity and diet. 

Our Premium Cold Pressed Dog Food Range is perfect for all types of dogs, no matter their age, size, weight or lifestyle. With 7 different flavours including Succulent Chicken, Clear Water Salmon, Grass Fed Lamb, Farmhouse Turkey & Duck, Wild White Fish, Highland Venison & Trout and our nod to our Scottish roots Hunting Haggis

If you're dog has a higher than average activity level or is a working or active dog, you might want to give our Cold Pressed Working Dog Food a try. Available in 15kg full sized bags, you'll receive 2 of each of our three flavours in our sample box, including Beef, Chicken and Pork.

We also offer an alternative protein option for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact or for dogs who have allergies to the traditional meat proteins. You'll get 3 samples of each of our Insect Protein Cold Pressed Dog Food and our Vegan Protein Cold Pressed Dog Food

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