All about cold pressed dog food

If you're looking for a dog food that's high in nutrients and gentle on your dogs tummy, then cold pressed could be perfect for you. 

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed dog food is quite simply, food that has been pressed at low temperatures using minimal processing to help retain nutrients and helping to break down quickly in the dogs stomach. 

What's the difference between cold pressed dog food and kibble?

Traditional kibble is cooked at high temperatures and pressed tightly using a process called extrusion. This can result in a lot of the nutrients from ingredients being lost and makes it difficult for dogs to digest quickly.

Cold pressing uses much lower temperatures (around 100°c less) helping to retain nutrients from ingredients, and uses a gentle pressing technique which helps aid digestion in the dog's tummy. 

Both types of food are complete dry dog food and can be fed directly from bag to bowl. 

What are the benefits of cold pressed dog food?

Eating Cold Pressed

As it is pressed using lower temperatures, cold pressed dog food retains more nutrients from the ingredients resulting each pellet is more nutrient rich. This not only means your dog is receiving more of the benefits from the ingredients, but you also feed around a third less per bowl than with traditional kibble dog food.

The gentle pressing method helps to aid digestion, which can reduce bloating and result in healthier poos. Cold pressed feeders also report an improvement in coat, skin and all-round health.

How do you feed cold pressed dog food?

It's as simple as any dry dog food, you can feed cold pressed dog food straight from box to bowl or kong.

If you are weaning puppies, have a senior dog who struggles to chew, or fancy doing something a bit different for your dog at dinnertime, you can also choose to add a little warm water to it to turn it into a paste. The cold pressed breaks down quickly and you can either pop straight into your dogs bowl, add to a Kong or a Licki mat. You can even add to a baking tray/biscuit mould to make doggie biscuits!

You can also feed cold pressed alongside raw or raw frozen dog food too. Unlike traditional kibble which you should never feed with raw, due to the fact they break down at a different rates and could cause your dog's tummy to knot, cold pressed and raw or raw frozen dog food breaks down at the same rate making them a great combination, or even to alternative between meals. 

Why choose Wilsons Pet Food?

We've been making pet food since 1861 (that's over 160 years!) and in this time we've learnt a thing or two about looking after our furry friends. There's plenty of reasons to try Wilsons.

We make a range of premium, working dog, insect and vegan protein cold pressed dog food, we also make raw frozen dog food too! All of which are made from the best ingredients and using minimal processing.

All our food is made right here in the UK at our bespoke Scottish factories in Ayreshire and Blairgowrie. As well as being stocked in retailers across the UK, we also offer free delivery over £30 (delivery restrictions apply)


What flavours does cold pressed dog food come in?

Wilsons Pet Food offer a wide selection of flavours with plenty of choice to satisfy even the fussiest of dogs!

Our premium food comes in Clear Water SalmonSucculent ChickenGrass Fed LambFarmhouse Turkey & DuckHighland Venison & Trout and Wild White Fish.

Our working dog food has ChickenBeef and Pork recipes.

We also offer our alternative protein selection which includes Insect Protein & Vegan Protein.

How can you try before you buy?

Switching dog food is expensive, we get it. But with our sample box you can try before you buy!

You can purchase a cold pressed sample box (simply choose from working dog, premium or alternative protein) or a raw frozen trial box (with the choice of either core 80|10|10 or premium 70|10|10|10).