Your first month with your new puppy - Bonding

In our puppy series, we give you week-by-week tips on how to help your puppy settle into their new home with tips from dog trainer Rosie from Paw Skills Dog Training

Week 1 - Bonding with your new puppy

Ball games are a great way of bonding with your puppy


The world has suddenly become the unknown! Everyone and everything your pup was used to is now gone. They don’t know who to trust and have to adjust to a whole new way of life including when they will eat, who they will live with, where they toilet and where they sleep.

Your pup doesn’t need big walks and lots of exercise at this stage so use this time to bond with your pup.

Play is a fabulous way of engaging with your pup and they often love to find people in their lives to play with. Play often helps build trust in your pup as well as establishing boundaries between you which lays the foundations for training to come.

Now is the time to also start moving them onto their Wilsons food. Find out more about feeding puppies >