162 Years of Happy, Wagging Tails

Did you know that Wilsons Pet Food has been around since 1861? That's 162 years of crafting and producing nutritious and delicious food for animals.

Wilsons birthday

Our founder John Wilson brought his dream to life when he decided to leave his safe life and work behind to begin delivering pet food to farms across Dundee. It started small but before long, John was able to open his own feed mill and started to expand his business across Scotland.

Wilsons has grown and changed over the years, not only when it came to helping the Ministry of Food in the 2nd World War and even became one of the first people to develop "Dog Food" in the form of muesli.

When our MD Craig took the reins in 2016, he decided to develop an idea he'd seen in the Netherlands. Cold Pressed was still relatively unknown in the UK and everything was produced overseas so Craig developed the first UK Cold Pressed Factory.

This fantastic dry food is gently pressed with quality meat and vegetables at much lower temperatures compared to traditional kibble (around 100 degrees less!) which helps to retains the key nutrients and aids digestion, making it great for sensitive stomachs and preventing bloating. 

We've spent a lot of time perfecting our recipes and developing different ranges, giving plenty of choices for fussy dogs, those with allergies and for every lifestyle. We developed our premium range in 7 different flavours to give plenty of options, our alternative protein range is perfect for dogs with meat intolerances or allergies, and our working dog range is perfect for active dogs.

Wilsons Range

Cold Pressed goes so well with raw which is why it's perfect alongside our Raw Frozen range as they both break down at the same rate and give a great mix of wet and dry. With two different options, there's something for everyone; our 70|10|10|10 is a mix of meat, offal, bone and vegetables which is perfect for fuss-free feeding or for raw beginners, and our 80|10|10 is a mix of meat, offal and bone for DIY feeders who prefer crafting their own mix of vegetables and minerals.

Throughout our history, our ethos has always remained the same; to provide a high quality pet food using the best ingredients, and now we're excited to take it one step further by launching our eco-friendly packaging to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

With 162 years expertise, we're proud to make delicious food helping to keep dogs healthy across the country, while continuing to produce in our Scottish purpose-built factories.